Words Crush Wednesday – Auguste Escoffier Edition

Oui, Monsieur Auguste! How right you are. This is my favourite part of Christmas, or any other get-together, whether it’s a relaxed meal with friends, birthday celebrations with family or annual special occasions like Christmas and Easter. Food is what brings us together in that moment. Gathering around the dining room table, chatting and laughing, is undoubtedly my happiest place… my own private Disneyland.

Auguste Escoffier 2

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Words Crush Wednesday – Helen Keller Edition

This means I can eat all of the cupcakes because I made them, right? No? Oh, I think I’m missing the message.

There are people in life, who, unfortunately, selfishly take everything they can, without giving back. They don’t contribute to one’s general happiness, rather the opposite. We all know at least one. There is so much power in spreading happiness, love and joy. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture – a smile, a shoulder to lean on, someone to laugh with, anything that promotes a happy moment. My happy moment this December is going to be sitting around the dinner table, cooking for my loved ones, sharing their enjoyment and being grateful that I have them.

To the joy thieves of the world, you will only ever know loneliness and I definitely won’t share my cupcakes with you.

Helen Keller

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Words Crush Wednesday – J.R.R. Tolkien Edition

What kind of currency do you value the most? There is the old adage that money can’t buy happiness… said no poor person struggling to make ends meet, ever. But money isn’t the only currency one has, or doesn’t have. Happiness is a currency too, albeit an intangible one that can’t be traded on the stock market. It can be divided and multiplied, and it depreciates and appreciates, depending on the circumstances. I choose not to quantify my success in terms of things, stuff, possessions. That’s only one aspect of a far more meaningful life. By far, my greatest treasure is being with those I love, cooking for them, enjoying their company and spreading love and positivity. These moments are truly invaluable, and never depreciate over time.

JRR Tolkien

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