Words Crush Wednesday – John Steinbeck Edition

I’m a perfectionist. It irritates the crap out of me. My pantry cupboard bears witness to this: all of the canned food is in order, labels facing forward. The rice dare not be put on the beans shelf. The baking ingredients have their own shelf, don’t mix them with the grains. I mean obviously. My husband thinks it’s hilarious (can’t say I blame him) and he frequently turns the labels around, just to irritate me. It works. The truth is that perfection is a myth, it’s unrealistic and the pursuit of it takes away the pleasure of the moment. I’m learning to let it go, because if you’re constantly chasing something that doesn’t exist, you’ll never appreciate what you have. Having said that, my pantry cupboard is still immaculate.

John Steinbeck 1

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Wordscrush Wednesday – Rumi Edition

This year has been about  evolving, growing, exploring, trying new things. It’s been fun. It’s been exciting. It’s been challenging. I used to adore hiking, but because of my worsening rheumatoid arthritis, my feet (and everything else) have been in too poor a state to tackle mountain trails. But, with a recent upswing (for which I largely credit yoga and healthy eating), last Sunday I went on my first hike in years. It was fucking incredible. I loved it. I ached for days, in fact, today is the first day I don’t want to cry every time I stand up!

We arrived at this waterfall (see below), and the beauty, the peace, overwhelmed me. It made me conscious that I’ve left my comfort zone this year, and as scary as it can sometimes be, it’s invigorating to push myself and see what I’m capable of.

Waterfall Rumi 1

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Words Crush Wednesday – Truman Capote Edition

Mindless can be good. Losing yourself in something happy, that yields positive results, that encourages creativity, that allows you to relax and disconnect from stress, is tremendously important to mental and emotional well-being. So, here’s to getting mindless! (I mean, having a glass of wine while you’re cooking is good too…)

Truman Capote 1

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Words Crush Wednesday – Carrie Bradshaw Edition

Okay, okay, maybe I lied. Maybe I don’t save all my carbs for wine, but on salad-y days I like to pat myself on the back and pour myself a reward. What a beautiful Winesday it is!

Carrie Bradshaw quote wine 1

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Words Crush Wednesday – Elizabeth Gilbert v2

I didn’t want to post two Elizabeth Gilbert posts in a row, but I’ve been a bit of a mess lately. Not in a worrying, shit’s-falling-apart type of way, just a bit scattered, unanchored, unsettled. It’s been frustrating, but instead of fighting it, I finally decided to own it. Sometimes we just have to allow ourselves to feel things, to go with it, and to trust that it’s really okay to not be type A all the time. Ahem… Easier said than done! But this little gem made me laugh, and, if you’re also a bit of a mess, maybe it will bring a smile to your face too! Namaste.

EG 2


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Words Crush Wednesday – Elizabeth Gilbert Edition

This week’s Words Crush Wednesday is by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ (this book was the inspiration for my blog’s name). What I take away from this quote is that it’s okay to have fractures, because the darkness makes us appreciate the light.

I took this photo in Arniston and I was struck by its beauty, that, despite a significant crack that separates the rock into two pieces, they’re still part of a whole. I thought it was the perfect embodiment of this quote. Let the light shine brightly, people, embrace it, allow it in, and realise that you’re so much more than the crappy things that have happened to you. Namaste.

Elizabeth Gilbert quote cracks


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