I’m a thirty-something cooking enthusiast with a spatula in one hand and a sense of culinary wonder in the other. Growing up, I never learned to cook. A few years ago I decided to tackle it. I wanted a challenge, to push my boundaries and comfort zone and I got what I asked for! I also discovered that, contrary to my opinion, cooking wasn’t that difficult, as long as I had a good recipe with very good instructions. I had to eat my words.

I am 100% self-taught. My friends and family have given me tips here and there but most of my knowledge is simply from old fashioned trial and error mixed with a great deal of today’s main go-to source, the internet. I quickly realized that cooking was my happy place. If you had told me this five years ago, I would have said something like “quelle horreur!” in astonishment. I didn’t realize how relaxing and rewarding it would be. It has been my sanctuary. When I’m in the kitchen, I switch off from the world around me and focus on creating something that is going to bring people happiness, whether it’s a multi-course dinner party for 12 or just the hubby and I.

All of the recipes I share have been tried and tasted at least half a dozen times. I’m not too new to cooking but I’m new to blogging so bear with me as I navigate my way through it and attempt to open up yet another unknown world. Oh happy daze!


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  1. Hello there Gen!
    Was trying to look for your email contact, but couldn’t find it on your site. Just wanted to let you know that I’m nominating you for Liebster Award. I hope you don’t mind me leaving this note here. Do check on my site for details! 🙂


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  4. I’m glad you stopped by my blog as it has led me to explore yours. Your writing style is just so beautiful, friendly and welcoming :). Isn’t it just so lovely when cooking can bring about a place of happiness? You have such a lovely and large assortment of recipes already that you have made. I am off to explore!
    More Than A Dash Of Salt

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    • Thank you so much, you’re very kind! My husband would be more than happy for me to make one of your recipes every day – he loves salt! Have a lovely week!


  5. Gen, I grew up learning to cook from a family (Minus my father and his father) who knew how to cook. My grandfather on my mom’s side.was terrific in the kitchen.
    being in the kitchen and cooking has always been something I enjoyed doing. I love it when my son and his cousins and I would be in the kitchen cooking together. We had such good times.
    I really miss all of that. I miss the huge family get-togethers.
    Eating together. My hubby eats right before he goes to bed no matter when that is. He may eat at 10 PM or at 4 in the morning.
    I hate that because we don’t eat together.
    We don’t cook together like we use to either.
    I look forward to reading your blog. Have a great rest of the week. Sarah

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    • Hi Sarah, sounds like you had some very good teachers! Some of my happiest memories are of us in the kitchen at my gran’s house, gathered around the table for Sunday lunch. I hear you about the family get-togethers, those times are irreplaceable! Hope you have a great week too! Take care.


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  9. You make a really great point in saying the kitchen is your sanctuary :). It is indeed a wonderful place to get busy with your hands and let the mind focus on gestures and steps, nothing else! Hope you keep enjoying yourself by the stove x

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    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! It’s always great to ‘meet’ a like-minded person, so please let me know how you find the recipes and please share some of your own. Have a great day and lovely week!

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