Words Crush Wednesday – Elizabeth Gilbert Edition

This week’s Words Crush Wednesday is by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ (this book was the inspiration for my blog’s name). What I take away from this quote is that it’s okay to have fractures, because the darkness makes us appreciate the light.

I took this photo in Arniston and I was struck by its beauty, that, despite a significant crack that separates the rock into two pieces, they’re still part of a whole. I thought it was the perfect embodiment of this quote. Let the light shine brightly, people, embrace it, allow it in, and realise that you’re so much more than the crappy things that have happened to you. Namaste.

Elizabeth Gilbert quote cracks


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Words Crush Wednesday – Erma Bombeck Edition

Riiiiight? Now you’re talkin’. (Although I can’t talk back because my mouth is on a very important exploratory mission. I know you understand.)

Erma Bombeck

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Words Crush Wednesday – B.K.S. Iyengar Edition

This week’s Words Crush Wednesday quote is by the yogi master known as B.K.S. Iyengar. You don’t have to be a yoga enthusiast to appreciate this gem of a quote (however, my obsession clearly continues).

So many of us are strong on the outside, able to weather many storms, withstand pain, difficulty, and, at times, great tragedy, yet we sometimes find ourselves losing our shine. Whether you’ve had a crappy day because your boss is a dick, or you had a fight with your partner, or your health blows, or you’ve lost a loved one, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Life is hectic for most of us, granted, to varying degrees, but that’s not important. What is important is to remember to breathe, find a moment to be still, and remember that it’s sometimes okay to not be okay. There is always a radiance, a beautiful, captivating light within all of us. Don’t lose your shine.

BKS Iyengar

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Words Crush Wednesday – Easter 2016 Edition

Whether or not you celebrate Easter, and whatever that day means to you, this quote is a universal one. Some of my most cherished memories are of my Gran cooking up a storm in her enormous kitchen. Easter was always special in our house – we would wake up early (the only reason I didn’t mind is because I knew I’d get chocolates out of it), get dressed for Church (never ever in a dress, much to my Mom’s delight – she loved a rebel), come home and go on the annual Easter egg hunt in my grandparents’ garden. When I say my sister and I each got about 30 eggs, I’m not exaggerating. How I didn’t end up with childhood obesity is a mystery!

My Gran would spend hours cooking, and the whole family would show up to celebrate. The women were clucking around in the kitchen, the men drinking brandy and talking about dude stuff, and the kids running around, hyped up on copious quantities of chocolate, searching the garden in case we’d missed one or two eggs. These are innocent, sweet, wholesome memories, and now, as an adult, I still get the greatest joy from having the family together, cooking, laughing, eating… Easter egg hunting! Some things never change (I still don’t wear dresses!).

My happiest moments are with my family, sharing a meal, making memories, and getting fat on chocolate marshmallow eggs!

kitchen at the cooking school

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Words Crush Wednesday – Padma Lakshmi Edition

I happened upon this quote and it immediately grabbed my attention. Cooking is so much more than ‘just’ throwing some ingredients together. It’s the act of sharing, of connecting over a  meal. It’s the act of togetherness, and therein lies a certain intimacy.

Padma 4 1

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Words Crush Wednesday – Nigella Lawson Edition

When I first started cooking six years ago, I relied solely on recipes and taste buds. I am definitely not a chef, nor have I had any kind of formal training, but there’s something special about feeling ones way through a recipe, adjusting and adding according to what feels right, as opposed to what one was taught. I have deep respect and admiration for actual chefs, oh how I would love to pick their brains, but I am also in awe of people who make beautiful dishes based solely on their gut feeling. Regardless of formalities, food is to be enjoyed, savoured and celebrated, however that dish was created, and by whomever created it!

Nigella 2

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