Solitude – Loo with a View

My interpretation of today’s Photography 101 assignment is slightly alternative. I’m not in the habit of having toilets in my garden, except this past week. You see, we’re renovating our bathroom and I happen to have the old toilet outside in front of my yellowwood tree. Temporarily, of course.

When I read the email outlining today’s “Solitude” assignment, I gave it much thought and really, when we go to the loo, what’s the one thing we want (apart from loo paper)? Solitude! I think this might resonate with parents. I say this because when I’m with my little nieces, they have a tendency to follow me into the bathroom. There is no privacy when you have a two and three year old hanging around! Their mom has said to me on numerous occasions that going to the toilet alone has become a luxury. With this in mind, here it is, my loo with a view.