Photography 101 – Big

This is Paternoster. The views are breathtaking and I thought this first photo demonstrated today’s Photo 101 theme – ‘Big’.


Continuing the theme of birds, when we bought our house some 12 years ago, this birdhouse came with it. Off topic: it used to have a naked mannequin tied to it. We bought the house from somewhat eccentric Russian folk and when we put in an offer, they informed us that while they were willing to part with the birdhouse, Svetlana the mannequin was going with them. We feigned disappointment and told them we’d survive. It’s become a background fixture in our garden although not many birds visit it – the cat has taken up residence in it during the day!

DSCF2896[1] (2)


Every year we go to Paternoster, a sleepy fishing village on the West Coast, a mere two hours away from Cape Town, yet it feels like another world. Quaint, quiet and full of natural beauty, these views replenish the soul, invigorate the body and relax the mind. We’ve been going there for long weekends for ten years and it’s full of happy memories. We’ve shared these holidays with friends and we’ve had our own private time there, just the two of us, the majestic ocean and the seagulls. Just looking at this picture quietens my mind and makes me feel more centered; an instant reminder to breathe, step back and be more fluid at times.

Paternoster 1

This, on the other hand, is the vertical take at a place called Langebaan, fairly close to Paternoster. The boats make it seem more inhabited yet it too is a quiet little town, an ideal place to escape to and admire the view (and mojitos!).