Words Crush Wednesday – David Drake Edition

I missed last week’s Words Crush Wednesday because an elephant sneezed on me. No, that’s not some kind of peculiar metaphor, an elephant by the name of Sally literally sneezed on me. We were up the Garden Route in a town called Knysna and visited the Knysna Elephant Park where we met, fed and hugged a family of elliebits. They’re ‘tame’ elephants and upon stroking the matriarch, Sally, she must have had allergies and had a massive sneeze. Once I got over the initial shock and removed the bits of grass, shrubbery and sand from my hair, t-shirt and mouth (yes, she managed to bless my mouth too), I realised how fortunate I am to have experienced these majestic creatures up close. I mean really, how many people can say they got sneezed on by an elephant?

I felt it was pertinent to have this week’s Words Crush Wednesday quote be about these amazing creatures. They are mild-natured, beautiful and strong. They live in families, they are not loners, and the female rules the herd. I like this structure! Also, I did what anyone would do – I took a selfie! Do you know how hard is it trying to get that right? They’re rather colossal so this is the best I could do. I promised Sally I would get her good side!

unnamed (45)2

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