Words Crush Wednesday – Julia Child Edition 2

I sometimes don’t feel like cooking a meal that will take four hours. Oh, the shame! I push myself and enjoy learning new recipes, coming up with new creations, and thus spending several long, hot hours in the kitchen. However, there are days when I don’t feel like missioning, when the schlep is unappealing. Am I right, fellow cooks? There is nothing wrong with salad and seared fish for dinner. (Unless the salad contains radishes, in which case there is a lot wrong with it. But you get my gist, yes?) I enjoy the simplicity of throwing together fresh veggies, crumbling feta and calling it a meal. What do you cook for dinner when you’re not in the mood, or when you’re pressed for time?

Julia Child 2

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Words Crush Wednesday – Julia Child Edition

Listen, a few years ago I was an expert at burning eggs. Ex-pert. My expertise extended to roast lamb, rice, French toast, fried tomatoes and everything in between. I was awful. The kind of awful where the entire meal is unidentifiable. The dog turns his nose up and children cry. The stunned silence only broken by the cremated lamb shattering as I toss it into the bin. I was convinced (and rightly so, at the time)  that I was a horrific cook, a culinary abomination. Until I wasn’t. I slowly learnt to cook, by being entirely autodidactic, and allowing myself to fail and learn from said failures. Now, cooking is my greatest hobby and for the past six years I have not burnt anything beyond recognition. I’ve loved every second of it and the only way I learnt was by being patient and trying new things. The moment I took the blinkers off and opened my mind to the possibility that I could potentially be a pretty good cook, if I may say so myself, my world changed. That brings me to this week’s Words Crush Wednesday quote, which basically sums up my cooking experience in one tidy sentence:

Julia Child 1