Words Crush Wednesday – Dr Seuss Edition

Today, I:
A) Turned another year older.
B) Got given several fresh sweet peppers while passing my neighbour’s garden and got roped into a very long conversation, even though I gave him the “sir, I really have somewhere to be” look several times. He finally stopped when his wife came outside and gave him a bit of a stink eye, as if to say “why are you still talking to this youngster?” (When you’re 117, a 30-something woman is considered a youngster – bless).
C) Got my hairs did. This went well; my hairdresser spoke my ear off although it was fine because she’s nice and it’s so awkward sitting in a hair salon in silence for two hours while someone makes you dumber. I mean blonder.
D) Nearly got knocked over. Apparently dude felt it wasn’t necessary to stop (or even slow down) at the humped pedestrian crossing (he must have good shocks). He missed me by literally an inch. It would have sucked dying on my birthday but at least my hair looked good.
E) Observed an incredibly beautiful woman sitting in traffic picking her nose. People, just because you’re in the confines of your car, it does not mean no one can see you. Everyone can. Ev-er-y-one.

Having said all of the above, this is my Words Crush Wednesday quote. Quite fitting.