Words Crush Wednesday – Truman Capote Edition

Mindless can be good. Losing yourself in something happy, that yields positive results, that encourages creativity, that allows you to relax and disconnect from stress, is tremendously important to mental and emotional well-being. So, here’s to getting mindless! (I mean, having a glass of wine while you’re cooking is good too…)

Truman Capote 1

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Words Crush Wednesday – Padma Lakshmi Edition

I happened upon this quote and it immediately grabbed my attention. Cooking is so much more than ‘just’ throwing some ingredients together. It’s the act of sharing, of connecting over a  meal. It’s the act of togetherness, and therein lies a certain intimacy.

Padma 4 1

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Words Crush Wednesday – Thomas Keller Edition

One of the (many) fun and appealing aspects of cooking is taking a selection of random ingredients and creating something delicious and satisfying. Whether you do this joyfully out of desire, or grudgingly out of necessity, you’re bringing to life something that only usually exists in a recipe. Cook with passion and purpose, and every dish you make will be soul food!

Thomas Keller WCW

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