Words Crush Wednesday – Nigella Lawson Edition

When I first started cooking six years ago, I relied solely on recipes and taste buds. I am definitely not a chef, nor have I had any kind of formal training, but there’s something special about feeling ones way through a recipe, adjusting and adding according to what feels right, as opposed to what one was taught. I have deep respect and admiration for actual chefs, oh how I would love to pick their brains, but I am also in awe of people who make beautiful dishes based solely on their gut feeling. Regardless of formalities, food is to be enjoyed, savoured and celebrated, however that dish was created, and by whomever created it!

Nigella 2

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Words Crush Wednesday – Xavier Marcel Boulestin Edition

Food is fun! Eating, for most, is the best part (obvs), but for people like me, the cooking aspect is as much fun (if not more). Play around with recipes, add your own twist, and remember, if you mess it up, your guests probably won’t notice! I’ve done that before. Uh… yeah… it’s totally meant to look like this, promise! But what I’m trying to say is that it should be fun, interesting, challenging and rewarding. It shouldn’t be a mission. Try a new recipe, make it your own, spice it up, and enjoy it!


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