Words Crush Wednesday – William Arthur Ward Edition

Dreams, hope, aspirations – we all have them, and all in abundance. I’ve recently watched a deeply special friend of mine fulfill a dream, something she never thought she would do, something that took great courage, endless hours of hard work and a gigantic leap of faith. It all started a dream – “imagine if we could do this”. Indeed, imagine, and now it’s here. That dream was put into action, and it became a reality, near-nervous breakdowns and insomnia notwithstanding.

Success is a funny thing. Do you measure it by your job title? The size of your house? Your annual international vacations (oh heeey Cabo)? Or do you, like me, measure it by the type of person you are? Talk is cheap and anyone can do it, yet it takes a special type of dedication and self-belief to action it. No matter how you perceive success, there is one common denominator – it all starts with a thought, with a dream, regardless of its nature. This week I was approached with a job offer, something slightly different from what I’m used to. Initially I was somewhat daunted by it, but I started thinking about it, applying myself, imagining different scenarios where I’d be able to deliver the highest quality of work, and I accepted it with great excitement (and moderate trepidation). Nevertheless, success. I also created a new recipe, ravioli and marinara sauce, which was amazeballs. That, to me, is also success. It takes many different forms but originates in exactly the same way. Dream it, see it, do it.

William Arthur Ward

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