Words Crush Wednesday – Easter 2016 Edition

Whether or not you celebrate Easter, and whatever that day means to you, this quote is a universal one. Some of my most cherished memories are of my Gran cooking up a storm in her enormous kitchen. Easter was always special in our house – we would wake up early (the only reason I didn’t mind is because I knew I’d get chocolates out of it), get dressed for Church (never ever in a dress, much to my Mom’s delight – she loved a rebel), come home and go on the annual Easter egg hunt in my grandparents’ garden. When I say my sister and I each got about 30 eggs, I’m not exaggerating. How I didn’t end up with childhood obesity is a mystery!

My Gran would spend hours cooking, and the whole family would show up to celebrate. The women were clucking around in the kitchen, the men drinking brandy and talking about dude stuff, and the kids running around, hyped up on copious quantities of chocolate, searching the garden in case we’d missed one or two eggs. These are innocent, sweet, wholesome memories, and now, as an adult, I still get the greatest joy from having the family together, cooking, laughing, eating… Easter egg hunting! Some things never change (I still don’t wear dresses!).

My happiest moments are with my family, sharing a meal, making memories, and getting fat on chocolate marshmallow eggs!

kitchen at the cooking school

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