Words Crush Wednesday – Alfred Tennyson Edition

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. I believe one should not have to wait until the New Year to start something, and, hopefully, see it through. However, this year there is a lot that seems to coincidentally coincide with January. I’ve started doing power yoga again, after having to give it up for many months due to issues with arthritis. I can barely move, people. Like, typing this is expending every molecule of energy I have left. My body is a temple? My hope is to be able to continue to practice yoga (hello, aching hamstrings!), create new recipes, and embrace the knowledge this year brings.

Hope is something that lives within all of us. It is universal, it knows no language, and it’s alive, pulsing, and growing with each achievement. But don’t make it a New Year thing, make it an every year thing.. an every day thing. Where there is hope, there is possibility. My hope is for you to have a very sweet ’16, and every year thereafter.

Alfred Tennyson 1

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6 thoughts on “Words Crush Wednesday – Alfred Tennyson Edition

  1. Happy sweet 16 to you too – and is this power yoga with Adrienne reed? Just curious – if so – I love her workouts, but now do local classes -and side note on the arthritis – but I belong to a few health groups and have some friends who insist parasite cleansing has almost cured many ailments – including ra – check out this blog “myradiary.com” for some cool info – it is no longer active, but this lady knows her stuff – take care

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    • Hi! I do Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy and on alternating days I do Barbara Brenagh’s AM/PM DVD. It helps so much with stretching the muscles and is a much more relaxed experience. Mandy Ingber kicks my flabby butt, but I love it! Thank you for the advice – I will check that blog out. Struggling a but with Warrior 2 and Cobra due to back problems which is frustrating. Do you have any advice? Hope you have a great week and thanks for commenting and giving me some advice ☺

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      • Hi gen- thanks so much for sharing. And whew – don’t really have any advice except to just remember to “respect where you are at” and give your body time to move into poses – especially with any areas of soreness. I just read an article from the editor of an old copy of this yoga magazine and she said how for almost a year she had to ho we in child’s pose during certain poses – even avoiding dogdown- because it helped her heal. I liked that because I think it is like a lot of life where we sometimes miss “slow” progress and like things done Lickety split. And for me – I just started really doing warrior 3! Easier than I thought – but two things I noticed – and nuts mention it because u noted warrior 2 -well I found that warrior 1 and w2 were strong for me because I did them so much with Adrienne Reed. Even when I had options – I did a lot of the same warmups and mini workouts for a long while. It was great because it kept my body and mind grounded and the short workouts at least had me consistently doing yoga – but when I went to classes I saw that I had areas of familiarity and those were my strengths. And because the episodes of Adrienne reed that I favored (and then tapes once she went of air) well had me mastering w1 and w2 because in those vids she did them a lot and explained it well.
        Which ties me into the next point – and sorry to ramble – but love it so much these days.
        But I have noticed that certain poses are way easier when a good teacher sets you up for them properly. Like w3 for me – I finally tried it cos Jenni teaches kids and she brings this very basic approach to all her classes – and one day she had us go from one pose right into a slow w3 and it worked .
        I also tend to go slow – because I still suck at tree! Lol – just not a god pose for me and kept my toe down forever – only know reached my calf. And certain other one- like pigeon / oh my goodness. But I respect where I am and I have two year goals for those moves –
        But I also know that execution is everything – and when someone showed me how to properly do chaturanga -I was shocked at how much easier it was. But I was also stronger and ready to go to next level.
        My least favorite yoga sessions are fast vinyasa –and that actually kept me away from yoga 15 years ago cos my mom and I felt dizzy or I hated it. only once recently did I have a teacher who did what I call speed poses – it reminded me of those early hate days- lol – so I find again the teacher can really make the difference – and Adrienne Reed’s set up for w1 and w2 was so clear and effective that it was strength -for a long while -and I still slowly move into things.
        In closing – I think it all comes down to long term goals with lots of short term enjoyment – with focusing on correct poses and then letting our body have space – I know there is a fine line between maybe going too slow to where you do not challenge enough – like maybe I could have done a proper w3 way sooner -but my motto is “do no harm” as I work with years of body conditioning and muscle memory and habits I already have–//

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      • Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to answer me so thoroughly, it means a lot! W3 is impressive! I’m afraid at this stage I would topple over! I’ve just got W2 right and I love it, it feels soooo good. I’m obsessed with yoga and the benefits are plenty. I actually enjoy the feeling of the burn because my muscles are getting such a good stretch! I have definitely considered going to yoga classes which I will do when I feel like I’ve progressed from beginner. Currently my fave poses are triangle, W2 and pigeon. My balance still sucks but it’s improving. It’s difficult for me to find someone who is as enthusiastic as I am about yoga, so it’s really cool to discuss these things with you and I do appreciate your advice greatly!
        Hope you’re having a good week! Namaste 🙂

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      • I feel the same way about sharing yoga with you! Like when you shared about poses and the ones you were working on – I sat up! Ha!
        Not the every day chat and so glad to connect right now.
        Oh and pigeon sucks for me – I mean maybe the hardest but it has to do with tight hips and one teacher said my body from birth! And that is what I like about the culture – we respect where we are at while sometimes we respect what our body cannot do! One other teacher said some “binds” are only for those with long arms! Ha! But I like trying – and feel exactly like you do with how it feels sooooooo good! And this one teacher i had – who I actually hope to never have again – but she always noted that warrior poisons were found (in studies) to release testosterone and feelings of empowerment! I believe it.
        Anyhow – last week the teacher (who looks like a posied Brett farve) had folks trying crow and I refused – just not in the adventure mood – but we also did a side triangle that felt great.
        Anyhow 💚I am going to work on getting a warm up video made (for a psych class I am
        Teaching) and I will
        Email you a link once done – it might take a month 💙- but hope it comes out -I am going to ha e one of my favorite teachers give a tutorial for the kids – hmmmm
        And the week is going so nice so far – hope yours is too-


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