Words Crush Wednesday – Walt Whitman Edition

This week’s Words Crush Wednesday is by Walt Whitman. I chose it for various reasons. It’s Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere. Well, supposedly, but we’ve had erratic weather. That’s the literal interpretation but more so, I feel the need to practice optimism.

Let me put it into perspective. I got a new phone and I was frustrated because my provider was taking a ridiculously long time to connect it. I was annoyed and frustrated. Woe is me. But then I opened the news and saw people drowning, people literally risking life and limb, carrying little babies, to escape the genocide in their home country. Now, this is largely a cooking blog so I don’t want to get political, but suffice it to say, my phone problems were comparatively an embarrassment of riches. Major FWP (First World Problems). Seeing what other people are going through this very minute is a sobering reminder to be bloody grateful for what I have. It’s a reminder that my life isn’t actually that hard by comparison. It’s a reminder that I live in a loving home, I have food and clothing, wonderful people in my life, safety and stability. So, for me, this tells me to look for the positive, because it is always there, and let go of the negative, because it will only hold you back. My dad always says you can’t move forward if you keep looking back, and that’s so true. I’m looking towards my future with excitement and optimism and letting all the crap fall behind me and stay in the past.

Walt Whitman quote

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