Words Crush Wednesday – Mom’s Birthday Edition

Mom and IIt was my mom’s birthday last week so I wanted to honour her in this week’s Words Crush Wednesday. You see, I couldn’t phone her or bake her a cake; she’s in heaven. What’s better than being an angel? Being an angel who never ages. I had 29 years with her, by no means enough, but in that time she taught me so much about life. Everything I do, I do to honour her. She was my greatest gift in life and we often said we were so glad we chose each other. Even if she had lived to 90, it would not have been enough time. Is it ever, when it comes to mothers (and fathers)?

My mom showed me a love that knew no bounds and had no limits. I am profoundly grateful for that. I know what it feels like to be loved, truly and boundlessly loved, without exception. If I’d killed someone, she would have helped me bury the body. (And then she would have lit a Sambuca and had a cigarette.) She was a strong, wise, deeply loving woman who lived her life helping others. Her death has taught me so much. No one is invincible, as I thought she was. Through her death, I practised the strength she showed me. It’s ironic that I survived the greatest tragedy of my life purely by doing what she would have done, what she showed me through her actions.

If my mom hadn’t died when she did, she would have keeled over seeing me cook. I was horrendous. Really shockingly bad. It was because of her death that I taught myself to cook. I needed a hobby, a massive distraction that would take up a lot of  time, thus I challenged myself to learn to cook. My mom taught me how to make reservations, not cupcakes! The person I am, and the person I will always strive to be, is someone who would make her proud. That is my greatest motivation in life. So, happy birthday, Mama. I’ll have a Sambuca for you, but don’t worry, there are no bodies buried in my garden.

Credit: Google Images

Credit: Google Images

8 thoughts on “Words Crush Wednesday – Mom’s Birthday Edition

  1. An angel is the perfect way to describe her:) And you look so much like her!! I thought it was you at first with someone else and then I realized it is your beautiful mom with a younger you;)

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