Words Crush Wednesday – Captain Jack Sparrow Edition

Really? We’re quoting Jack Sparrow now? He of the many layers of guyliner, beaded hair, perpetual swaying and too-much-wine shlurring? It seems so.

We all have problems, every single one of us. Show me a person with no problems and I’ll show you my cellulite-free thighs. When it comes to problems, challenges, dilemmas, whatever you want to call them, there is a very clear dichotomy: those who focus on the solution and those who dwell on the problem. Yes, it’s easy, and, to a degree, normal, to get caught up in a problem, especially when it’s overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable. But then, after however much time you need to process it, you face it. You explore possible solutions and employ one. Even if it’s difficult, even if it’s something you’re scared of, uncomfortable with, or daunted by. There are too many people in this world, however, who obsess over the problem. They become enveloped by the magnitude of it, or, quite simply, enjoy the drama.

Let me be clear – everyone has different coping mechanisms, that is not what I’m referring to here. That you practice said skills is the point. Lately there have been too many people around me who thrive on the histrionics of the problem and have no desire whatsoever to solve it or even attempt to identify a solution. If you approach it as something that has a solution, not just something that’s a never-ending pit of despair and complication, you are halfway there already. I’m not in the habit of quoting pirates, funny that, but this is exceptionally valid and right on point which makes it this week’s Words Crush Wednesday:

Jack Sparrow

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