Words Crush Wednesday – Julia Child Edition

Listen, a few years ago I was an expert at burning eggs. Ex-pert. My expertise extended to roast lamb, rice, French toast, fried tomatoes and everything in between. I was awful. The kind of awful where the entire meal is unidentifiable. The dog turns his nose up and children cry. The stunned silence only broken by the cremated lamb shattering as I toss it into the bin. I was convinced (and rightly so, at the time)  that I was a horrific cook, a culinary abomination. Until I wasn’t. I slowly learnt to cook, by being entirely autodidactic, and allowing myself to fail and learn from said failures. Now, cooking is my greatest hobby and for the past six years I have not burnt anything beyond recognition. I’ve loved every second of it and the only way I learnt was by being patient and trying new things. The moment I took the blinkers off and opened my mind to the possibility that I could potentially be a pretty good cook, if I may say so myself, my world changed. That brings me to this week’s Words Crush Wednesday quote, which basically sums up my cooking experience in one tidy sentence:

Julia Child 1


11 thoughts on “Words Crush Wednesday – Julia Child Edition

    • Ann, I had to Google how to make rice. I burnt it the first time I cooked it because I used half the amount, so I halved the water portion and couldn’t understand why it was rock hard! How far we’ve come!


      • Hahaaaa! Indeed. We hv come very far. 😀
        The most important thing was you didn’t give up. And rice cooker is the best invention ever – I don’t think you could ever burn rice with it. I used to have a rice cooker that had a function for “baking” cakes too – that was pretty cool!


    • That is a very important part of the cooking process – don’t sell yourself short! My husband has a pesky sore foot that always seems to act up when it comes to cleaning up 🙂

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