Words Crush Wednesday – Abraham Lincoln Edition

unnamed (2)1Today is a particularly poignant day in my life. It’s exactly a week until my birthday (eeek!) and also the anniversary of my mother’s passing. Six years ago she left this world and yet, to this day and forever more, I am eternally grateful to have had her in my life for almost 30 years. Up until today, all of my Words Crush Wednesday quotes have been about food. I find it fitting that today I break that cycle, just this once, to honour my forever-favourite person. Were she here to read my blog, she would keel over at the very idea of me cooking and actually knowing what I’m doing! I think she would probably need a stiff drink.

This incredible woman was steadfast in her support, loyal to the very end, humourous in every way and had the greatest heart I’ve ever known. Her boundless love, compassion, capacity to forgive and pure heart I carry with me today and every day. If I could be just a quarter of the person she was, I would consider myself a successful human being. Her love and dedication to her family is something I never saw neither before her death or since. This woman, a shining light in the lives of so many, is my very own angel and I carry her with me forever in my heart. Six years may feel like an impossibly long time, an eternity even, but it’s nothing compared to the true eternity we will share when we meet again. This gives me great solace. In the meantime, I live every day trying to make her proud, to be true to myself and those I love and to hold my head up high. Such is the profundity of my love for her, she is still, and always will be, my anchor and the light of my life.




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