Streets, trees, trains and fire

Cape Town is on fire. Literally. A fire started on Sunday and is spreading. It’s about 40°C today. I can’t imagine being a firefighter in this heat, battling these fires today. Power to them. Today’s Photography 101 assignment is to photograph a street. Both of these photos were taken a couple of roads away from my house. The first is a beautiful tree-lined road; green and lush. The moment you turn 180°, you’re met with the mountain, raging, smoking and showing no signs of slowing down. I also photographed a train, as everyone gets on with their day-to-day activities as our beautiful mountain is ravaged by these flames.

Street (2)


Just 180° and the greenery slowly fades as Cape Town burns.

Street train fire1 (3)

8 thoughts on “Streets, trees, trains and fire

    • Thanks, Sophie! The official temperature was 42C! Asked the husband if we can go to Europe for a few weeks to escape the heat and he said no but he offered to throw crushed ice at me. Not quite the same! On a day like yesterday, I would have happily taken 7C!


    • Hi Bryan, I used the ‘selective focus’ feature in Windows 8 Photos but there’s an online editing site called Pic Monkey that you can use for the same effect. Check it out – it’s pretty cool and it’s free!


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