Home… geographically it’s Table Mountain. Every time I come back from holiday and the mountain comes into view, I know I’m home. Emotionally, hugging my husband makes me feel centered, like “aah… this is where I’m supposed to be”. In my house, I always try my very best to make guests feel at home, be they family or friends. My favourite room in my house is the kitchen. I love nothing more than cooking for people and having them gather in the kitchen, chatting and laughing and eating. I also appreciate my alone time, preparing coffee and juice in the morning when The Husband has left for work and it’s just me and my thoughts. The kitchen is my happy place, it’s where I escape for a few hours to prepare meals and challenge myself in cooking and baking. It’s where I go to forget about everything else and focus on exactly what’s in front of me. I feel a gravitational pull toward the kitchen, and this is where I feel well and truly home. This is my sanctuary.

Home (3)


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