Words Crush Wednesday

This week’s Words Crush Wednesday quote is both literal and figurative and it’s one of my favourites. Its origin is undetermined. Some say it’s a Chinese proverb although a version of it was used in an English novel in the 1800s but one thing that’s undebatable is its message.

When doing a figurative interpretation, its message is that it’s more meaningful and fruitful to teach someone how to do something than doing it for them.

I, however, practise this every day in a more literal sense. Before I learnt how to cook, I excelled at making reservations. However, through being autodidactic and observant of other peoples’ cooking methods, nothing gives me greater joy than feeding those I love.




5 thoughts on “Words Crush Wednesday

  1. With my first career having been teaching, this quote has always been meaningful to me. But it so much broader than formal education. It’s what we project in how we live our lives and in what we show other people sometimes unintentionally.

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