Words Crush Wednesday – Mason Cooley Edition

unnamed (1)Our kitchen renovations are in full swing. Gone are the visually repelling orangey-brown melamine cupboards and speckled orange and brown linoleum floor. When I say it was a decorating travesty, I am not joking. My heart leapt when, on the first day, they removed said cupboards, counters and floor. My kitchen was gutted, wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling. They came in like a wrecking ball.


My house has been a construction site for three weeks but it’s all worth it. We are so excited about our new kitchen with our clean, white cupboards and granite countertops and, for the pièce de résistance, the beautiful centre island with built-in oven and hob. Through all of the drilling, banging and general headache-inducing, blood pressure-increasing, renovations, I’ve kept my eye on the prize. So today’s Words Crush Wednesday quote couldn’t be more pertinent:

unnamed (23)“No chaos, no creation. Evidence: the kitchen at mealtime.” – Mason Cooley





Far from finished but goes is the orange and brown!

Far from finished but gone is the orange and brown!

Oh, how I dream of my kitchen being chaotic at mealtime when I finally get to cook again! In the meanwhile, I’m quite willing to endure the chaos and watch as, step-by-step, our new kitchen comes to life. I am also acutely aware that I’m in an extremely fortunate position to have these problems. As we say here in sunny SA, “first-world problems”!

4 thoughts on “Words Crush Wednesday – Mason Cooley Edition

  1. I’m feeling a little lost, Lisa. Cooking is my way of relaxing and unwinding. For three weeks I’ve have five dudes in my kitchen but there’s only two weeks left. I keep telling myself it’s not that bad! Focus… eye on the prize… eye in the prize!


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