Who I Am and Why I’m Here – The Cooking Edition

“Food” has become my favourite four letter f-word, but it wasn’t always like that. Up until five years ago, I was utterly useless. I was the Cher Horowitz of cooking. Clueless.

When I met my boyfriend more than a decade ago, I decided to “wow” him and make a roast leg of lamb. I had never done this before, I’d never even cooked rice but I thought “how hard can it be?” Well… Back then he had a convection microwave oven in his apartment so off we went, got a juicy leg of lamb and I set about creating this meal. What I didn’t realize is that I’d set the microwave on convection mode as well as microwave mode, on high too! When we took the meat out, it was literally like a piece of coal! It was breaking apart but not in the so-tender-it’s-falling-off-the-bone kind of way. No. I definitely “wowed” him, but not in the way I’d anticipated! Ever since then, I decided that cooking was difficult and a mission and not for me. I closed myself off to the idea and that was that. Never again. Much later I ended up eating my words. And they were delicious.

Five years ago I needed a challenge. I needed to be able to do something that would hold my interest and be rewarding. The Husband is a very good cook, seldom uses recipes and yet comes up with the most mouth-watering meals. He always made it look so easy. I wanted to be like that too but I had a mental block against cooking. Nevertheless, I thought “what is the most challenging thing I can do?”. Cooking. Everyone laughed, and rightfully so. The roast leg of lamb was mentioned numerous times, and still is!

I started off with things like roast veggies, then I graduated to cottage pie, curries and stews and roasts. I quickly realized that as long as I followed the recipe instructions, I was fine. I followed every single recipe to the T until I gradually started getting a feel for it and coming up with my own ideas. I Googled everything. Everything! I taught myself to cook over the internet. I didn’t realize how rewarding it would be and I quickly turned into a feeder, much to The Husband’s delight. I started having dinner parties and people actually complemented me on my food. Every time this happened I nearly fell over. I couldn’t believe it! Cooking has become my joy over the past five years. My kitchen is my happy place. I love cooking complicated meals and I’m always pushing my boundaries but I wanted to share some of my recipes, easy yet very tasty recipes, because I know most people don’t have hours upon hours to spend in the kitchen every day. It doesn’t have to take half a day to be delicious. Some of my favourite recipes take less than an hour, some even half an hour (chilli con carne, anyone?).

I come from a family who lives for the written word. My Dad is a muso and lyricist. My sister writes poetry. I don’t have their talent but I do love writing, and I love cooking, so I decided to combine the two, hence this blog.

I want to share my recipes with you and my hope is to learn new things and continue pushing my boundaries. I’m no longer the Cher Horowitz of cooking, nor do I literally get egg on my face anymore, and I consider myself a pretty good cook but I’m always striving to improve and expand my knowledge. I want to share delicious recipes and learn new ones. Exchange ideas and different techniques. However, I don’t have great expectations. All I want to do is share recipes and tips, and hopefully people will enjoy the food. That’s my greatest hope.

I started this blog a few years ago and now I’m ressurecting it. Cooking is my passion, so please, eat my words.

23 thoughts on “Who I Am and Why I’m Here – The Cooking Edition

  1. you have such a wonderful writing style~

    to be honest I’ve always sort of wanted to get into cooking because I love eating BUT now I have even more motivation:

    my current boyfriend teases me (harmlessly) about how my ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend is basically the queen of making food and he’s just got, well, me

    hopefully your blog will inspire me to actually go make something that isn’t scrambled eggs or instant noodles! 🙂


    • Aw thank you, Maggy! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Some people create things with food and others with words, and yours are lovely. Good luck and shout if you need some cooking advice! PS Anyone can cook by following a recipe, not any/everyone can write like you 🙂

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    • Thea, we’ve all been there! I’m sure you’re nowhere near as… um… challenged as I was in the beginning! You’ll get there, just give it time and practise. I’m quite interested in marketing, studied it (classical) for a couple of years quite some time ago, so I’m really looking forward to learning from you.


  2. Great intro, had a good laugh from the leg of lamb story.

    We have all been at the beginner status, I still remember the times our teenage daughter called me at work on separate occasions asking how to cook Kraft mac & cheese and how to boil an egg. At 30+ she is now an excellent cook.


  3. Firstly I love your blog title a whole bunch. Secondly, although I am not a total Cher, I do fear branching out a little bit in terms of the food I cook and this has really inspired me to at least try to make an effort to be less timid in the kitchen!

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